Marcie Harrison

learning to enjoy the journey...

This is Me

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I’m a writer by trade and I’m also an inspirational speaker, life coach and workshop leader. 

My understanding of life is quite different than that of most people, and it’s certainly very different than how I viewed life for my first 51 years.

I don’t want to spend too much time on my back story, just enough to convince you to that I know what I’m talking about! And to show you how gaining a new understanding of life freed me from loneliness, heartache and grief and made life fair, consistent and good-feeling. 

A connect-the-dot version of my life goes something like this:

Connect the Dots

I grew up in a family of four children with parents who loved me, but struggled with their own issues. I was a lonely kid, happier in my inner world than I was in the outside world. And I am predominantly an introvert, so I never quite felt like I fit in. Now that I know what I know, I feel very differently about my childhood…in a good way! 

I was married to my high school sweetheart, Cal, for 25 years, but I was lonely most of the time and I left the marriage  in 2012. Now that I know what I know, I truly understand why things turned out the way they did and how I contributed to the very situation I didn’t want. I am happy to say that although I lost sight of the man I fell in love with, he was there all along, and freeing myself from the pain has allowed me to realize that. And I have come to understand that ending a marriage can make room for a new relationship to grow in its place.

I have three children, all girls. My eldest daughter, Cathy-Jo, died accidentally at home when she was 7. I found her hanging by her scarf in a tree a week before Christmas, so I know what intense grief feels like and I’m happy to say I don’t feel it anymore. I stopped believing what I had been taught about grief and decided to chart a new course for myself. I have lived life both ways and I much prefer joy to grief, and I think it's time to start telling a new story about the grieving process.

My middle daughter, Sarah, is a teacher now living in London, England, and my youngest, Jenny, is studying nursing at BU. I love them both so much and they continue to teach me some powerful insights about life.

I was a stay-at-home mom for many years and there were times when I was really close to my children, which made the periods of estrangement, through death and through the difficult decision I made to end my marriage, really painful. I share this with you not because I want you to feel sorry for me, but to let you know that I’m not in pain anymore. In fact, my life is great and I know how and why this happened, which makes me really excited to share what I know, because I love it when other people feel great, too.

My Mindful Journey

As I mentioned, I’m a writer and my favourite word is why! I have always been insatiably curious. Needless to say, exposure to life caused me to ask many questions over the years – of the people around me and of myself. And I found that the answers others gave never quite matched the answers I felt deep within me… there was always a gap that lead to another why. 

So my life has really been a quest to fill that gap… to find that one answer that fits all my ‘whys’ and makes my life make perfect sense. I wanted to find the sweet union of spirituality and science, and the perfect blend of freedom and control. It’s sounds contradictory and impossible, but in 2016 I found it – the teachings of Abraham Hicks and Law of Attraction!! It is the most simple, consistent and satisfying explanation of life that I have ever heard. And no matter how many why’s I have come up with since then, it still provides the same logical, satisfying answer, just at a deeper level. And it never holds me back, but gives me continuous freedom and control.


Knowing what I know now, much of what I do is completely opposite of what many of us are taught to do. And not surprisingly, the way that I feel about life is pretty much the opposite of how I used to feel. Life keeps getting easier, more interesting and fun!

I go into greater detail  about my mindful journey on the Law of Attraction page, for those of you who would like to know more. 

I now live in Rivers with my partner, Larry, in a little house by the lake. I am close to

all three of my girls again, and I am eager and excited about life.

This website may be a little different than what you are expecting, but it’s my intention to share my knowledge of Law of Attraction, how I apply it to my life, and the results I am getting. I use 'before and after' examples of how old me dealt with relationships and situations, and how new me now handles things. I think it might surprise you!

I touch on a lot of topics including, spirituality, religion, art, philosophy. math and science because they all carry the same message –  the importance of relationships between the whole and pieces of the whole. And that’s what Law of Attraction is all about.

I hope you'll explore my website and take from it whatever feels good to you and ignore the parts that don't. For there is great value in feeling good and I hope you will discover something here that makes your heart sing!

In a nutshell...

I'm a mother of three girls - two living and one who died when she was seven. Although my marriage ended after 25 years, I'm pleased to say I have a caring relationship with my former husband. I now live with my new partner, Larry, in a little house at the lake.

In 2016, I discovered Law of Attraction and the teachings of Abraham Hicks and since then, my life just keeps getting better and better. I'm eager to share what I have learned, how I continue to apply it and the difference my understanding of Law of Attraction is making in my life.

I hope you'll check out what I have to say and take away whatever feels good to you and just ignore the rest. For there is great value in feeling good!